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Fujiede Acquired 3 Software Copyrights Recently

- Oct 31, 2018 -

Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, Jun. 2018—Fujiede as auto manufacturing partner and leading domestic high-end auto parts innovative products and solutions provider acquired 3 software copyrights recently.

All three software Copyrights are related to the production and testing software of new energy automobile motor controller. The acquisition of the three computer software copyright certificates means that Fujiede's independent intellectual property acquired through independent research and development has enhanced the core competitiveness and industry status of Fujiede's professional and technical products.

Facing the risk of eliminating fuel engine technology due to vehicle electrification, Fujiede actively involves in the field of new energy vehicle. Fujiede stabilizes VVT (Variable Valve System) and automatic transmission VBS valves and valve plate modules in the fuel engine industry. In the meantime, Fujiede actively explores the motor control module of thermal management module in the field of new energy vehicles. It is believed that in the near future, all related products will enter the host factory supporting system. 

Intellectual property rights have a significant bearing on the development of the company, and mastering the core technologies can let Fujiede go further. In the future, Fujide will continue to implement the intellectual property innovation strategy and introduce new ones. In the traditional field, we will take the initiative to develop new technologies in order to provide strong professional protection for promoting the company's technological innovation.

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