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VVT History 8

- Dec 28, 2018 -

The camless variable valve timing technology will also open a new chapter in engine design, known as the Controlled Auto-Ignition System (CAI), which allows a gasoline engine to work like a diesel engine ( Diesotto). During the intake stroke phase, many hot spots in the cylinder plus the heat of the recirculated exhaust gas constitute a strong pressure to burn the gasoline, thus eliminating the need for spark plug intervention. The exhaust gas inside and outside the cycle required for the compression ignition process is exactly what the camless engine can give. According to calculations, this combustion mode can improve the fuel economy of the engine by more than 10%. The design of the four-stroke engine is perfect, but the technology that accompanies it needs to be continuously updated in constant development. The Mercedes-Benz Diesotto engine is a good example of a technological innovation that enables a 1.8-liter engine to achieve the power of a 2.4 or even larger displacement engine. Therefore, variable valve timing technology is bound to have greater development.


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