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VVT History 2

- Dec 16, 2018 -

The first company to apply valve timing technology to production cars is Alfa Romeo of Italy. As the first development

Manufacturers of dual camshaft mass production engines, they use two different camshafts to control the opening of the intake and exhaust valves.

Closed time, thus achieving a more effective effect than a single camshaft. The car factory called Giampaolo Garcea

The inventor invented a device that added a device to the drive sprocket of the intake camshaft and made it convex with a screw keyway.

The wheels are connected to change the timing of the valve. It is designed with an engine standard overlap time of 16 degrees but high in the engine

At speed, it increases the turn-on time by 32 degrees, which increases the overlap time to 48 degrees.

The first model to be equipped with this system is the Alfa Romeo Spider. When the car was sold in Europe, the public

The division further increased the overlap angle for better fuel economy. Later equipped with Motronic from Bosch

After the engine management system, the timing technology of the engine is increasingly dependent on the role of the ECU.

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