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Variable valve lift technology

- Dec 14, 2018 -

The principle of the variable valve lift technology is to change the amount of lift of the valve opening by means of the device, thereby realizing the change of the intake air amount entering the cylinder per unit time.

Honda's VTEC adds a small piston, an intermediate rocker arm and a high-angle cam to the normal cam to control the normal cam and high-angle cam work by changing the position of the piston.

When the engine is running at a low speed, the position of the small piston is unchanged, the three rocker arms are separated, the two ordinary cams are operated, the valve lift is small, and the intake air amount is small.

When the engine is at high speed, the hydraulic system pushes the small piston to lock the three rocker arms into one, and the high-angle cam drives the whole work, the valve lifts larger, and the intake air volume is more.

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