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The name of each plant for VVT

- Oct 19, 2018 -

VTEC, i-VTEC, VTEC-E - The name of Honda's technical research industry.

MIVEC- The general name for Mitsubishi Motors.

AVCS- The name of Fuji Heavy Industries, short for ActiveValveControlSystem.

Name of NVCS, CVTC, eVTC, NEO VVL, VVEL, VEL- Nissan.

VVT-i, VVTL-i, VVT-iE, VALVEMATIC - The name of the Toyota.

VVT, VC - The name of Suzuki. The former is used in cars and the latter is used in motorcycles.

DVVT - The name of the Dafa car.

S-VT- The name of Mazda.

VarioCam, VarioCam Plus - The name of Porsche.

VANOS, Valvetronic - The name of the BMW.

CVVT, D-CVVT - The name of Geely Automobile.

TiVCT - the name of the Ford


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