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The construction of oil control valve

- Oct 23, 2018 -

The VVT system's oil control valve is a proportional valve, meaning that the spool's moving position is proportional to the PWM duty cycle that the engine ECU provides to the oil control valve coil. When the duty ratio is gradually increased, the electromagnetic force of the coil is gradually increased, the iron core assembly moves in the solenoid, and the valve core is pushed forward against the spring force. When the duty cycle signal is gradually reduced, the electromagnetic force is gradually reduced. The spool gradually returns to its position under the action of the spring force. During the movement of the spool, the valve sleeve cooperates with the valve sleeve to realize the switching of the oil passage, thereby controlling the direction and flow of the oil into and out of the oil control valve, thereby controlling the flow of oil flowing into/out of the oil chamber of the phaser.


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