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Future of VVT system

- Nov 24, 2018 -

The evolution and upgrade of VVT system products have mainly experienced the following generations of products:


From the initial hydraulic spiral spline phaser to the current large-scale hydraulic blade and star rotor phaser in China, plug-in OCV is used. The OCV is usually mounted on the engine camshaft cover or engine cylinder head. The phaser is farther away, so the response speed of the VVT system is average. Foreign European and American auto markets currently have corresponding models, but the application share of this technology is gradually decreasing.


At present, Europe, Europe and the United States, Japan is beginning to use the medium-mounted hydraulic VVT system on a large scale, which is higher than the traditional VVT system. Because the center-mounted OCV is installed inside the rotor of the phaser, the OCV is close to the oil chamber inside the phaser, and the oil pressure loss in the oil passage is small during the working process. The Chinese domestic auto market is also setting off a boom in mid-mounted VVT systems, but most of the projects are still in the research and development stage. The central VVT suppliers are mainly concentrated in foreign countries. The local suppliers are still in their infancy, and there is no ability to develop medium-mounted electromagnets and solenoid valves.


The electronic VVT system (also known as EVCP) as a technology reserve has gradually entered the historical arena of the automotive market. At present, foreign suppliers have begun to grind their shoulders, and Chinese domestic suppliers have not yet entered the field. Because the traditional hydraulic VVT system needs to adjust the engine valve timing after establishing a certain unlocking oil pressure, it means that in most cases, the VVT cannot work when the engine is idling; and the traditional hydraulic VVT system has a limited adjustment angle, usually The maximum adjustment angle is at a 35 degree camshaft angle. However, the electronic VVT system relies on the DC motor to drive the camshaft to rotate through the gearbox. It does not depend on the oil pressure of the engine oil. As long as the power supply can participate in the adjustment, it can be adjusted 360 degrees. The installation requirements of the electronic VVT system are extremely similar to those of the mid-mounted VVT system, paving the way for future engine upgrades.


It is expected that in the near future, when the cost of electronic VVT systems will gradually drop until consumers are willing to pay for them, it will not be far from large-scale production.


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