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Current VVT system manufacturer-German

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Schaeffler INA has always been known for its high-precision manufacturing processes and consistent quality, with almost all of the automotive OEMs in China, and its products have been in production for many years. And in Europe, it is currently mainly matched with high-end models such as BMW, Porsche and Ferrari. Established a research and development center in Shanghai, China to achieve VVT local research and development and provide technical support, the production base is located in Taicang, Jiangsu. The main processes of its phaser are powder metallurgy and fine punching. Has the ability to independently develop and produce phasers and OCVs. At present, the parts are in the stage of partial localization. There is no mass production of aluminum VVT system, and the safety factor is high, but the disadvantage is that the parts are heavier and the cost is higher.


Hilite is a strong competitor to Schaeffler INA. It also has the ability to independently develop and produce phasers and OCVs. Headquartered in Germany, with R&D centers in the US and China, VVT production base is located in Changshu, Jiangsu. It was acquired by AVIC in 2014 with a 100% stake and has recently started implementing a localization plan for parts. Its main customers are Shanghai GM, Volkswagen and Geely.


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